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business opportunityDifferent Service Levels For Different Business Needs
::: Studio 6 can fill the gap between your e-business needs and the cost of technology solutions in today’s market. We have developed six customized solutions to ensure your large or small business success!
We strongly believe that we fill up the gap.


1. Basic Design Solutions (BDS)
What we can do for you!
“We develop and customize solutions exactly to suit your large or small business needs”


•Studio 6 can design or re-design your web site for any type of business needs. Today’s market is now based more and more in on-line sales and information. Each year we see e-commerce business increasing at an amazing pace. All businesses, large and small business, need to keep up with the changing times and e-commerce is part of these changing times. A new fresh look for your current site could be just what you need to draw new business or, let us start you off with a new web site ‘right’ from the start. Our turn over time for development is flexible and a time line is discussed depending on the specifications you require.


•Our team of professionals use the latest software and up-to-date knowledge to do custom web design or graphic design. Our tools consist of Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Corel Draw. We can include pictures provided by you, or we have access to a large database for you to choose from. Either way, we will find the content that is suitable for your business needs.

b2b•As we build your new site, we will pre-optimize and explain to you the benefits of e-commerce and other innovations. Images, java scripts, flash elements, meta tags and headline tags. From the search engine optimization process to the content preparation of your site, our team can do it all. Once all the work is completed and you are satisfied, we will do the final stage to increase more traffic to your site by submitting your new or improved site to the various search engines.

• Studio 6 develops web solution needs to suit your business: xhtml, html, dhtml, xml, xsl/xslt, voice XML and css. The server side scripting languages ASP, PHP, JSP on Apache, IIS servers for Windows, Linux or Unix platforms. Apache, PHP, mySQL database, Windows/Unix HTML and CSS are our most commonly used web solution development tools.


•Upon completion of each web site design project, Studio 6 will perform basic maintenance on your newly designed site at no extra charge. This includes minor copy changes and simple updating of information. If you know you will need regular administration and several changes on your site monthly, Studio 6 is willing to discuss a reasonable fee for site monitoring, regular changes and administration for your convenience.
We will take care and perform maintenance on your site after we finish. If there are not any major changes on your site we will usually change it free of charge, however we do suggest, if regular updates are required that we arrange a reasonable monthly payment for maintenance. That way you know, we will be always here for you.

::: Studio 6 team does      “ MORE”


Do you want to know?
1. How much traffic you web site attracts?
2. Who has been looking at your site?
3. What cities, towns and places from around the world are finding your on-line business?
4. What pages on your site most people are visiting?
5. What time of day you have the most traffic?
6. How and where has traffic been diverted from to your site?

Web Site Traffic Report

The Answer: Web Site Traffic Report
This report is available to your company and answers all of the above questions plus more. It is a modern day internet marketing tool and can be used to see the strengths and weaknesses of the current movement in your on-line business.

Domain Name:

Domain Name: Together with a Studio 6 representative, we will research and set up a name based on a keyword search if need be. (www.yourcompany.com)


E-mail: Along with your new domain name you will receive one or more email addresses for current or perspective clients to contact you when visiting your site. (info@yourcompany.com) All your new email addresses will come equipped with spam filtering and a secure private password for you to access them from any Internet location around the world..

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