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web designHere's a list of additional web site design elements that will increase the usability of virtually all sites. More web design elements which will increase usability of your web site design you can find under custom web design page, and inside our web site once you become our client.web site design


Place your name and logo on every page and make the logo a link to the home page, except on the home page itself. Never have a link that points right back to the current page.

search engine

Provide search if the site has more than 100 pages.
Write straightforward and simple headlines and page titles that clearly explain what the page is about and that will make sense when read out-of-context in a search engine results listing.

Structure the page. For example, use grouping and subheadings to break a long list into several smaller units.

Use hypertext to structure the content space into a starting page that provides an overview and several secondary pages that each focus on a specific topic. The goal is to allow users to avoid wasting time on those subtopics that don't concern them.

digital photo

Use product photos, digital photos but avoid pages with lots of photos. Instead have a small digital photo on each of the individual product pages and link the photo to one or more bigger ones that show as much detail as users need. The primary product page must be fast and should be limited to a thumbnail shot.
Use relevance-enhanced image reduction when preparing small photos and images: instead of simply resizing the original image to a tiny and unreadable thumbnail, zoom in on the most relevant detail and use a combination of cropping and resizing.


Use link titles to provide users with a preview of where each link will take them, before they have clicked on it.

Ensure that all important pages are accessible for users with disabilities, especially blind users.

web site

Do the same as everybody else: if most big web sites do something in a certain way, then follow along with your web site since users will expect things to work the same on your web site. Remember Law of the Web User Experience: users spend most of their time on other sites, so that's where they form their expectations for how the Web works.

Finally, always test your design or custom web design with real users as a reality check.

web site design web site design web site design web site design web site design web site design

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