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General Questions:

How do you work?FAQ
1.) Gather all information through Email - Telephone - MSN etc. etc.
2.) Write a detailed quote with all agreements and sent it to you.
3.) You make a down payment which will be our confirmation to start with the project.
4.) We make a sample of the idea's you and we have gathered and discuss it with you.
5.) Completion of your site and we will deliver it fully operational and online.
6.) You get one month of free supports which include maintenance,marketing help & advice, traffic tips and more.

Do you have a "Satisfaction Policy"?
Yes, Studio6.ca is dedicated to it's customers and that's why we will continue to create a design, until you are fully satisfied.
Please note:This is within reason...you can't keep on changing things back and fort and than back and fort again. We aspect from our clients to keep the agreements that has been made before we start working on your design. If you change your mind after that and just want a couple of changes we will do that gladly. (just be reasonable)

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?
This depends on how much work has been done on your design. If you wish to cancel we will refund your payment in proportion to the amount of work completed.

Payment Questions:

How to pay you?
We accepts the following forms of payment:
* Pay Pall
* Wire Transfer
* Checks

What about payment?
50% deposit is required in advance for all projects over $2000, and full payment in advance is required for amounts under $2000. Do not even think of asking us to do work without at least a deposit or ask us to change company policy just for you!

Design Questions:

Do you design database projects?
Yes! Contact us to ask if you have doubts about your project.

Do you design ads for newspaper and other media like TV?
Yes! Contact us to ask if you have doubts about your project.

How fast is your "Turn Around" time?
Fast! depending on the size and difficulty of your project. But mostly within 14 days.

Do you do flash?
Of course.

Do you upload my site?
Yes, Your site will be delivered fully functional and online.

Are your designs compatible with major browsers and different screen resolutions?
Yes, they are.

Do I get the original design files?
Yes, as soon as you paid us for your design work 100% you are free to do with the design files whatever you want.

Can you assist/advise me with difficult scripts.
Yes, we can.

Content Questions:

Do I need licensed quality photos to design with?
Yes, You do. If you do not have licensed photos or do not know where to get them we can assist you in this 100%.

Do you supply content for my web site?
No we don't. We can point you to some good and reliable content providers who will be happy to give you a huge discount if we ask them.

Members Questions:

Do you give passwords to preview any content before I am your client?
Off course not!

Hosting Questions:

Can you host my site?
Yes, we can. Click here to learn more about hosting plans.

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Other Questions:

Can you also translate my site?
Yes, contact us for a list of available languages.

Can I pay you with content, scripts, traffic I have or another clients?
Hmm, we might be interested in a deal. Ask us!

Can you also promote my site?
Yes, we can advise you how to or completely optimize your web site for popular search engines. Click here to learn more about Search engine optimization.